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I am a musician, artist, designer, coder, innovator, supporter, writer, photographer, composer, and all around ADD mess. I am also a husband of 22 years (by mostly pity by my wife I’m sure :-) ), dad to four great kids (adults?), and all around struggling good guy. I write Balrney Pudding as a creative outlet and to add a little humor and thought to things.

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“Varkus – A History” Given Permission for Public Release

The long-awaited biography of the mystery entrepreneur Spard Varkis has finally squeezed through all the legal loopholes and will be released right here at Blarney Pudding beginning the first week of November. Varkus, whose intergalactic escapades make Howard Hughes look like Michael Jackson, has released to BP the complete archives of the Sedmore Varkus family, this long awaited move will finally shed some light on the man, the inventions, the media, and the philosophy that is “Varkus”. Stay tuned. – BP

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